Monday, May 26, 2008

Youtube Clip of the day: Soulja girl

She just forget to take her medicines I think, there's just no better explanation for this BS.

I-POD give away

Ok, so an anonymous person donated a I-POD NANO to give away to you guys. So if your interested sent a email to and maybe you'll be that lucky person to win it. The winner will be anounced on 10-6-2008.

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Youtube clip of the day

Oakland’s KRON4 did a news report a few years ago about the noise pollution associated with cars having whistle tips installed in their exhaust pipes. The piercing noise can be heard for up to a mile when the car is accelerated. Check out Bubb Rubb’s response to complaints made by neighbors who say they are awaken by the loud screeching sound in the morning.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pass the word around

At this point I'm just passing the word around about my blog to create more visitors. I'm also promoting my blog in several other ways which I will tell y'll about later cause if it works y'll can use it for your blogs/websites too. So if you guys help me out for now by passing the word around ablout my blog I would really appreciate it. Thnx.

Welcome my people

So today I was really bored and I was thinking what new project I could think of. You know I did it all to hustle my money. I made websites, sold stuff on ebay, etc etc. Now I came with the thought what if I could make it happen that I get a million hits everyday on my blog. If I can make it happen I would probably make some pocket change but if I cant it will be nice just to know that I tried something new once again.

So to keep my blog interesting I will be searching for sponsors so I can give goodies away to you guys cause y'll were so nice to take some of your precious time to come read my blog. So keep coming blog cause I will try to get some nice sponsors. And if you are a sponsor and you want to sponsor me than you will you get your time to shine on top of my blog.

If you want to make a donation I won't stop you :) just click on the donate button on the left.